Tech Power – Part 2

Asia-Pacific convention venues harness modern technology to create stellar event experiences. We discover cutting-edge navigation systems, advanced communication support, and sniff out what else is on the horizon

Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre exterior

Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre
Technology prowess: Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur set the pace for the latest in wireless, 4G telecommunications and digital audiovisual facilities.

Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre exterior

Its technologies include an extensive LAN setup, digital voice communication via IP network, IP video-conferencing facilities, video streaming, wireless conference microphones and high-speed internet connectivity both wired and wireless. The venue’s facilities include 43-inch TV tree signage, video walls at foyers of each level, pre-function 43-inch LCD screens at each hall, and an LED outdoor screen.

MITEC has enhanced its audiovisual capabilities by partnering with event services to offer a complete event staging solution, superior audiovisual production, creative styling and multimedia design, as well as innovative event technologies. The venue can also cater for a variety of AV requirements and is equipped with static rigging points in all its major venues.

On the horizon: In 2H2019, MITEC will update its website with a chatbot and offer Malay and Chinese languages.

It will also roll out the Exhibitor Service Centre digital platform later this year, which will allow clients to complete applications, manage documents, submit orders for services including audiovisual, stand catering, resources and make payments from the comfort of their own office.

The venue will also be investing in an e-event evaluation and feedback digital platform for a seamless client experience management.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Technology prowess: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre has major Internet service providers connected to the building, enabling the centre to provide customised Internet bandwidth on demand and monitoring capability.

The centre is also equipped with 10G fibre backbone, enabling support of heavy multimedia streaming and other related IT services that an event organiser may require. It also offers a flexible speaker preparation set-up based on client requirements.

The IT backbone and network infrastructure is designed to be as flexible as possible to cater to any complex client requirements. Meanwhile, in-house technical teams will work closely with clients to assist them in using the centre’s technology infrastructure for a seamless event experience.

On the horizon: The centre is looking at offering value-add services for clients, such as enhanced speaker and audience engagement tools, as well as key learnings and analysis from data collected at the venue to help clients improve their events. The centre will also be installing enhanced digital signage throughout the venue to provide a more engaging and interactive experience for visitors.

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching
Technology prowess: Designed for speed, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching’s Wi-Fi provides wireless service for up to 8,000 users to stream on multiple devices simultaneously at any one time without interruption.

In addition, the high speed, high density and secure wireless connectivity service requires no login, passwords or inputting of personal data, and is ad-free. For clients who require even more speed or bandwidth, custom options are available for purchase.

The convention facility also offers a dedicated speaker support centre with secure network linking all meeting rooms. An in-house team of technicians will assist in setting up the workstation and connecting to the dedicated system for the purpose of uploading, reviewing and making last minute changes to the presentation slides, with the aim to provide seamless experiences for both the organisers and speakers.

Setia SPICE Convention Centre
Technology prowess: Setia SPICE Convention Centre in Penang is Green Building Index-certified, and runs on hybrid solar power provided via solar panels on the Setia SPICE Aquatic Centre.

Setia SPICE’s roof also comprises 654 LED lights where the colours can be customised by the organiser to suit the theme of an outdoor event held at the roof garden or display the corporate colours of the organisation.

Indoors, the ballroom can project live feeds out to the Grand Foyer, meeting spaces or any other venue at Setia SPICE, so that proceedings in the ballroom can be viewed live in other event areas.

The convention centre works with a number of Internet service providers to meet the bandwidth requirements of organisers. As an example, the convention centre has successfully held a meeting for 15,000 delegates, where everyone was able to connect their devices to the Internet at precisely the same time. – S Puvaneswary

IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok
Technology prowess: IMPACT Muang Thong Thani offers more than 140,000m² of indoor meeting space, and as such a large operation, has made sustainable efforts to reduce energy consumption by installing LED lighting technology – worth more than 44.5 million baht (US$1.4 million) – in most of its buildings such as the main IMPACT Arena, the facility’s eight exhibition halls, and numerous meeting rooms.

Preparing for an event at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani

IMPACT has also recently upgraded its venue mobile app, which allows users to access real-time traffic conditions around the venue, availability of car parking slots, directions to the halls, promotions and an event calendar.

To increase productivity and operational efficiency, IMPACT has also rolled out a customised enterprise resource planning system that can integrate the management of its core business processes in real time. This helps IMPACT respond to the needs of clients efficiently. Previously, problems arose when IMPACT worked with separate IT software and programmes that were not integrated.

On the horizon: IMPACT is studying the feasibility of adopting solar technology, a sustainable energy source that can help it further reduce its carbon footprint. The venue will also install more LED information displays around the venue.

Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall
Technology prowess: Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH), under the flagship of the Royal Cliff Hotels offers fast and reliable Wi-Fi which has the capability to serve more than 2,500 devices simultaneously, and support all multimedia and cloud applications. Most importantly, the Wi-Fi is secure and difficult to hack.

Secondly, the event space boasts interactive digital signage and wall displays all throughout, allowing planners and organisers to present photos, videos and important information effortlessly to event delegates. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, schedules can be quickly modified and updated easily on these screens.

Finally, PEACH has just launched its new website, chock-full with features for planners, making it easy for them to obtain information when planning
events. There’s also an event inspiration page, where planners can take a look at past events to get their creative juices flowing.

On the horizon: PEACH is constantly on the lookout for new technologies, and will invest in it where appropriate. Discussions with companies in the following fields – multilingual interpretation system, advanced lighting technologies, augmented reality, guest messaging apps – are currently underway. The centre is also looking at increasing more oxygen in meeting rooms to enhance productivity. – Rachel AJ Lee

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