Kempinski Hotels dangle new rewards for planners

Kempinski Hotel Fuzhou Ballroom

Kempinski Hotels has launched an enhanced offer for events planners for 2019-2020, built on the success of the previous Inspiring Events campaign.

The amplified offer includes increased commission levels, and up to two complimentary rooms during events, should a second event be confirmed within 90 days of the first booking. In addition, bookers will be able to enjoy an upgrade to the Kempinski Discovery Platinum tier with a minimum spend of €15,000 (US$17,056) per event, or the Kempinski Discovery Black tier with a minimum spend of €30,000 per event.

Kempinski Hotel Fuzhou Ballroom

These exclusive rewards are on top of existing benefits, such as an on-site event butler; a locally-themed culinary experience for events, one complimentary room for every 30 paid rooms (up to a maximum of four complimentary rooms per group); and a credit on the master bill for any event contracted 60 days prior to the starting date.

Detailed terms and conditions for the Inspiring Meetings & Events offer are listed in the MICE section of an individual hotel’s website.

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