Positioning technology promises improved event management

This help event organisers

Originally developed for shopping malls and warehousing, Singapore-based Drop Positioning Systems has now taken its positioning technology into the hospitality and events space, promising planners a better experience for conference and exhibition attendees, as well as help hotels become more efficient.

The company is presently supporting local hotels such as Mandarin Oriental, Singapore and The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore in areas such as luggage tracking. Mandarin Oriental also applies the positioning technology in its housekeeping inventory and room service. For instance, after a guest finishes the room service meal and pushes the cart out the door, the system will immediately notify a hotel staff to collect it so that it is not a prolonged eyesore left unattended along the corridor of a five-star property.

This indoor GPS technology promises to help organisers plan better conferences and shows

Ben Tang, chief technical officer of Singapore-based Drop Positioning Systems, explained that the positioning technology can benefit large-scale events and exhibitions by allowing event organisers to see attendee dwell time (how long an attendee spends at a place) and movement speed.

Tang added that the system can also provide a heat map, among other possibilities.

In addition to tracking movement, Tang also shared that the system allows for proactive alerts. For example, if a speaker was stuck in the registration queue, the event organiser could track his position and rescue him to ensure he’s on time for his speaking engagement. Or if a VVIP needed to meet another VVIP on another level (drop positioning can differentiate storeys), his assistant would be able to guide him quickly to his destination.

Tang said the technology requires “only needs 1mbps to support 5,000 of our tags at one go”, and can even rely on home broadband.

“Also, our tags are unobtrusive, and are about the size of a dollar coin, or a thin long strip that can fit into plastic conference landyard holders. And depending on the capabilities an event planner is looking for, prices start at a few dollars per person, hence it’s very cost-effective method (that can help event planners plan better future shows),” he said.

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