Sunway Hotels & Resorts greases the wheels with FatHopes Energy to recycle cooking oil

Sunway Hotels & Resorts’ Colin Yeoh, and FatHopes Energy's Vinesh Sinha at the hotel's used cooking oil collection centre

Sunway Hotels & Resorts, the hospitality division of Malaysian conglomerate Sunway Group, has partnered with FatHopes Energy to recycle its used cooking oil into biodiesel.

Through this sustainability initiative, more than fifty per cent of participating Sunway Hotels’ used cooking oil is expected to be recycled. Collection by FatHopes Energy will be done on a weekly basis at the hotels’ respective collection centres.

Sunway Hotels & Resorts’ Colin Yeoh, and FatHopes Energy’s Vinesh Sinha at the hotel’s used cooking oil collection centre

Without proper collection, fats, oil and grease goes right down the drain – where it used to generations ago. Used cooking oil recycling helps stop oil from being disposed of in drains, which can clog sewage lines due to the build-up of fats.

The partnership with FatHopes Energy includes six participating Sunway Hotels & Resorts in Malaysia: Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Sunway Pyramid Hotel and Sunway Clio Hotel located in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Putra Hotel in Kuala Lumpur city centre, and Sunway Hotel Georgetown and Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya in Penang.

“By partnering with FatHopes Energy, we are assured of not only the conversion of the used cooking oil into an ecologically beneficial energy stream but also to the environment, which has become a priority to the business while being mindful towards the efficiency of our operations and stakeholders value,” said Colin Yeoh, Sunway Hotels & Resorts’ Group Director of Food & Beverage.

“This long-term partnership will also help raise awareness and spur other related industries to take this significant step in creating a sustainable future with us,” said Vinesh Sinha, CEO and founder, FatHopes Energy.

This initiative by Sunway Hotels & Resorts is part of the #sunwayforgood movement, which is Sunway’s commitment towards a sustainable environment, economy and society.

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