Travelogix boosts STA Travel’s travel management capability with partnership extension


Data management specialist Travelogix has updated its partnership agreement with STA Travel for 2020 and beyond, which will come with enhanced data support and an upgraded Analytix suite that grants STA business travel account managers access to new services to drive management and company policy decisions by highlighting industry trends, current spend and cost-saving opportunities.

Chris Lewis, founder and CEO of Travelogix, told TTGmice that “while STA will continue to receive the same fantastic levels of service provided by our product and operations teams, the new agreement will see us increase the volume of the data we handle for STA in order to support the impressive growth that they have achieved to date and have forecasted for the next three years”.

Lewis: Travelogix will provide STA business travel account managers with on-demand access to real-time data

Lewis said: “The agreement also includes a complete upgrade to the newest version of the Analytix suite which is due to be released in 1Q2020, following 2.5 years of investment and development.”

The next-generation AnalytixX2 comes with a host of additional functionalities including multiple user dashboards, responsive criteria selections for quicker report creation, smart filters, ‘slice and dice’ facilities, a brand new DataMine application and a complete upgrade to both DataShare and DataPublisher. It is supported by a new database engine that can handle larger and more extensible data sets.

“The upgrade to DataShare will make sharing data faster and more secure, while the new DataPublisher will make the creation of data publications much more efficient and will deliver much more detailed and visually impressive data publications,” he added.

While Ellen Rayner, director of Travel Management (UK) at STA Travel, was not available for an interview, she said in a press statement: “Effective data management and analysis is a critical process which helps us reach our targets because it allows us to continuously monitor travel changes and trends.”

The Travelogix data management suite will enable STA Travel to analyse key performance data such as spend by department or individual traveller, and multi-level drill-down views show immediate trends with reports that can be shared instantly with colleagues.

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