Four MICE major powers to lead new learning festival at IT&CMA, CTW Asia-Pacific

ICCA, IMEX, PCMA, and SITE, recognised as the business events industry’s biggest associations and trendsetters, will lend their expertise as content partners to the Dress Down For Inspiration (DDFI) Learning Festival at this year’s IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific.

Held on September 22, DDFI will kick off the three-day doublebill event’s knowledge segment through four parallel themes, each helmed by one of the content partners.

Themes will run concurrently over three hours – across different locations at Bangkok Convention Centre – from 09.00 – 12.00.

DDFI attendees are encouraged to come dressed in smart casuals for an interactive and unrestricted learning experience

Open to all delegates, DDFI features interactive workshop-style sessions centred on a variety of curated case studies and inspiring stories by personalities and brands passionate about Community and Sustainability; Innovation and Enterprise; Professional Advancement and Well-Being; and Mentorship and Future Leaders.

Organiser TTG Events and the four content partners are also exploring added pre- and/or post-event excursions to local business featured in these sessions as part of a cultural immersion objective.

And true to its name, DDFI attendees are invited to ditch the corporate wear and come dressed down in their smart casual attire for a thematic, interactive and unrestricted inspiring learning experience.

Noor Ahmad Hamid, regional director (APAC) with ICCA, which leads the Professional Advancement and Well-Being theme, said: “Investment in professional advancement is crucial for future success. Our most prized assets are people, and it is important for their operating environment to be balanced and secured. Ensuring their well-being contributes not only to productivity and quality, but creativity – the next currency in the business world.”

Karen Bolinger, managing director APAC with PCMA, the content lead for the Innovation and Enterprise track, commented: “DDFI presents an optimal opportunity for us to engage our audience by improving their event growth and ROI, through provocative event programming on how enterprising innovations are reimagining their operating environment.”

Pádraic Gilligan, chief marketing officer of SITE, which designs the Community and Sustainability theme, remarked: “Community is our raison d’être. To connect, learn and shape the incentive travel industry together. We’ll also be delivering insights on Sustainability – a key focus for SITE and global businesses – in areas of stakeholder relationships, business ethics, resource conservation and waste emission to ensure our net contribution mitigates negative impacts.”

Dale Hudson, knowledge & events director at IMEX, which leads the Mentorship and Future Leaders theme, said: “Companies are constantly on the lookout for new talent. It is important for potential employers to learn how to establish their own unique brand. We are excited about delivering this education track as it resonates with our passion for inspiring the new generation of Future Leaders in shaping their careers in the events industry – through expert insights and connections from industry leaders at IT&CMA.”

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