Getout.Travel launches corporate OTA platform

Travel product platform company Getout.Travel has unveiled a tech solution for corporates of all sizes to help manage, consolidate, and simplify the business travel process.

“Business Travel is highly fragmented and unorganised. This is why we wanted to build a solution that will service both travellers and their companies in real-time before, during and after their journey,” explained Sanjeev Lajpat Malhotra, CEO of Getout.Travel.

The platform – which was worked on by the Getout.Travel team for three years – boasts an automated travel policy compliance based on dynamic and self-configurable rules; automated GST compliant invoicing at the time of booking for compliance and input tax credit in real-time; simplified and automated accounts bookkeeping; and multiple payment options.

These features aim to help eliminate and reduce process overheads of expensive management and reconciliation.

In addition, Getout.Travel built an online hotel contracting module to register and onboard hotels in real-time, all around the world, to make the process easier as well as shorten the go-live period.

Currently, the company has integrated its system with major players in the industry such as Amadeus, Hotelbeds, Staah, Mystifly, BookoHotel, GoGlobal, and AxisRooms, with more in the pipeline.

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