Singapore trials two events in step towards resumption of B2B events

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The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has developed a risk management framework to prepare for the safe resumption of B2B events in the coming months, which may see the gradual return of business events of up to 50 attendees.

STB will trial this framework with two pilot events – the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics on August 24-26, and the Asia Pacific MedTech Virtual Forum 2020 on September 24 – before gradually reaching out to other events and event organisers.

STB has greenlighted two hybrid events as it works towards resumption of business events

The two events were selected as their organisers have actively engaged STB and venues to examine the required safety management measures. They will be conducted in hybrid form, with each event hosting a maximum of 50 onsite attendees, in addition to approximately 1,000 attendees joining in for the streamed sessions.

Held in South-east Asia for the first time, the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics was initially planned for March 2020.

Shen Zhongxiang, the event’s general co-chair, said: “We chose to continue with our conference in Singapore because of the country’s strong track record in delivering quality business events. We have complete trust that the Singapore authorities and our venue partner have stringent measures to help us deliver a safe event for our participants.”

Meanwhile, the Asia Pacific MedTech Virtual Forum 2020, organised by the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association, will see its delegates participating in virtual networking and online discussions, which may be complemented by physical panel and networking sessions.

If these two events proceed smoothly, STB will consider allowing other B2B events to resume gradually, provided they can implement general and specific safety management measures as required.

These measures must meet the following outcomes: implement pre- and post-event infection control measures; ensure at least one-metre spacing between individuals at all times and/or an operating capacity of 10m2 per attendee for event spaces more than 930m2; ensure a safe and clean environment for both attendees and staff in compliance with the requirements set by Singapore government agencies and SG Clean measures; as well as prepare for any emergencies relating to Covid-19.

From August 2020, STB will work with the industry to trial more B2B events with the framework and event-specific safe management measures, in order to refine the framework before general resumption is allowed.

STB and Enterprise Singapore are also collaborating with the Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers to formulate an Industry Resilience Roadmap.

The roadmap will focus on three objectives: establishing best-in-class standards for new event safety measures; creating agile business models with a focus on digital capabilities; and developing pathways for professional development in the post-Covid-19 world.

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