GICE makes move into Tianjin

The Binhai Cultural Center

Pico Far East Holdings’ subsidiary, Global International Convention and Exhibition (Tianjin) (GICE) have entered into a strategic alliance with Tianjin Binhai New Area Cultural Center Investment Management, for the development of the Binhai Cultural Center at Tianjin’s Binhai New Area.

Established in May 2020, GICE aims to catch onto the growth momentum of the exhibition and convention sector in Tianjin.

The library within the Binhai Cultural Center

The alliance will cover three areas.

Firstly, the alliance will activate high-quality cultural tourism projects to raise the profile of the Binhai Cultural Center. The alliance will also manage creatively themed events and brand promotion projects.

Next, venue and project operations services. For projects under the alliance, GICE’s operations teams will offer clients venue services and value-added features. The Binhai Cultural Center will provide venue, publicity and other infrastructure support.

Lastly, GICE will work with Tianjin Binhai New Area Cultural Center Investment Management to create smart venues and improve their exhibition and convention management capabilities.

The alliance will also explore providing operational services for tech-enabled venues, the performing arts industry, and for exhibition and convention industry development. The ultimate aim is to create a high-quality, high added-value, high-traffic ecosystem for the cultural, tourism and business sectors.

The Binhai Cultural Center is the largest single cultural complex in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, with an area of 120,000m2. The complex includes facilities such as an art gallery, a science and technology museum, a public library, a performance centre, an activity centre and a cultural corridor.

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