Whip up a storm with 3 Embers

Fine and Dine PW

Traditionally a catering company, 3 Embers has expanded its portfolio and now offers a Fun and Dine programme, aimed at aiding corporates in engaging internal and external stakeholders.

Cost for the teambuilding session ranges from S$120 (US$87) to S$150, inclusive of the meal prep kit. The meal kits will be delivered one day before the event, along with a digital kit comprising login details, preparation list and programme outline.

The recommended group size is a minimum of 20 pax, up to a maximum of 50 pax. The whole exercise will take 60 to 80 minutes over Zoom, or any preferred online platform the company is using.

The Singapore-based company also works closely with the client to communicate a message or objective that they would like to bring across.

For instance, when 3 Embers conducted the session for an insurance client, the management wanted to encourage and spur on their advisers to work towards achieving their year-end targets. Hence, the message communicated during the session was despite many of them not being frequent cooks, they still managed to whip up a tasty three-course meal with the guidance of a chef. In that similar spirit, when they step out of their comfort zone and do things differently in their jobs (in this pandemic), they will still be able to excel.

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