FCM debuts AI reporting tool

A screenshot from the

FCM Travel Solutions has launched its new AI Reporting Tool, billed as the first of its kind in business travel.

FCM’s new AI Tool can build reports with more than 15 chart options; build reports with custom calculations; and interpret alternate terms when a user is making a request. For instance, they can ask “What is my CPM?” or “What is my Cost Per Mile” and get the same answer.

A screenshot from the new AI Reporting Tool

The new AI Tool can also turn data into actionable insights, offer suggestions that allow users to bring up key metrics quickly, and offer hints as users are typing questions and will also provide the optimum visualisation based on the question asked.

While AI technology isn’t new to the industry, it has never been used for this level of detailed reporting and analytics. Often travel data does not get used to its full potential because analysing it is too laborious.

With FCM’s new AI Reporting Tool, clients can easily search, sort and visualise their data to identify savings opportunities, establish informed sourcing strategies, or quickly find statistics needed to respond to a critical incident.

FCM’s global managing director Marcus Eklund said the technology will enable FCM’s customers to take their data reporting to the next level.

“Our new AI technology will give our clients easy access to their travel costs, patterns and requirements. This is going to save them time and energy, which are important as businesses start to travel again after their Covid-19 hiatus,” said Marcus.

The new tool is available to all FCM MNC customers around the globe. It is currently rolled out with a three-month free trial offer as part of FCM’s October pledge campaign.

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