FCM debuts benchmarking tool for travel policies

A screenshot of the comparison tool in action

Travel management company FCM Travel Solutions has launched its new online travel policy benchmarking tool.

The new tool enables businesses to monitor expenditures, elevate the traveller experience and mitigate risk, all from their own computer. It was designed to provide insights to customers to who wish to see how their programmes compare to others around the world.

A screenshot of the comparison tool in action

Powered by FCM’s consulting arm 4D Business Travel Consulting, the tool provides an expert analysis of the policy’s strengths, highlights areas that need improving and outlines necessary steps to be taken accordingly. Users who complete the two-minute questionnaire get instant feedback, with expert guidance on what percentile their travel policy sits in globally.

“Travel policies are essential for keeping an organisation on track, but with Covid-19 and the evolving market environment, many businesses had to implement interim policies and continuously adjust it,” said Bertrand Saillet, managing director of FCM Travel Solutions in Asia.

“This powerful online tool will help organisations and travel managers to refine their travel policies through a more accurate assessment of market dynamics. They can instantly see where their focus should be and use the data to motivate them and rapidly improve.”

The launch of this tool follows the brand’s recent global State of the Market Study, the results of which indicated that the majority of the 2,000 participating customers were reviewing travel policies with an eye toward stretching budgets and bolstering duty of care.

The new policy benchmarking tool is available through FCM’s website as part of the brand’s November pledge campaign.

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