Seoul Convention Bureau constructs a virtual playground

Having a go at yunnori

The Seoul Convention Bureau has launched a virtual teambuilding programme, another addition to its digital offerings that include the Virtual Seoul platform and Seoul MICE World.

Named Virtual Seoul Playground, the programme is an add-on to the Virtual Seoul platform.

Participants having a go at yunnori

After downloading the programme, participants can choose avatars with various hanboks. Within the playground are three games that will bring about cooperative play that aims to instil a teambuilding spirit by working towards the same goal.

Participants can make gimbap (Korean seaweed rice rolls) at Changdeokgung Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of Seoul. They can also have a go at yunnori – a traditional Korean game in which players throw four sticks and move markers on a mat accordingly in the square in front of Seoul City Hall. In addition, at Some Sevit on the Hangang River, participants can learn more about Seoul through a quiz and decorate a lantern to float it down the river with a wish written on it.

Jihyun Kim, director of Seoul Convention Bureau said: “As virtual MICE events increase drastically, the importance of gamification that induces participants’ immersion along with metaverses that allows interaction through avatars in a virtual world is on the rise. We have developed a non-face-to-face teambuilding program that can be used as content for gamification in the industry, while providing an experience similar to the actual experience by building a metaverse in the background of Seoul.”

Event planners can upload the Virtual Seoul Playground as a link to their on their event page, and even create a tournament-like setting for participants.

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