KLCC successfully stages first expo after MCO 2.0

Entrance to the REX Expo 2021

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre has successfully hosted its first major consumer exhibition, Malaysia International Home Renovation + Interior Design (REX Expo) 2021, two weeks after the Malaysian government allowed the resumption of business events.

This was REX EXPO’s first event since the Covid-19 pandemic started, and only came to fruition after multiple postponements. It has been a regular show at the Centre since 2015.

Entrance to the REX Expo 2021

REX Expo is an expo for homeowners with a wide range of inspiring interior design ideas, and offers the latest trends on display, renovation tips and solutions from the experts, alongside a variety of innovative home-related products.

Jeffrey Yang, creative director of Art of Tree, an exhibitor at the event, shared: “We have exhibited at the Centre before and are very familiar with the Centre’s general safety standards. The additional measures that were in place due to Covid-19 were executed smoothly and efficiently without disrupting our moving-in and set-up.

“There was no long queue for exhibitors or contractors during registration and the security team were extremely strict in ensuring we followed the required procedure and that in itself makes us more confident to be here at the Centre for these three days.”

Another exhibitor, A W Yong, senior sales manager, Beyond Arena, shared: “The Centre is known for its uncompromising requirements on compliance with SOPs even before the Covid-19 pandemic, so, considering the current situation, we knew that the condition to observe and follow the new norm standards would be even more stringent. In fact, that’s the primary deciding factor for us to participate in this year’s REX Expo at the Centre.”

A first-time exhibitor, Joe Tan, natural manager at Cuckoo International, said: “We noticed that there are more visitors here who are serious buyers compared to malls or other commercial venues. We have already made 100 per cent more sales on our first day compared to the other shows we participated in before.”

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