Interprefy gets a Grip

A screenshot of the Grip website

Interprefy, a provider of managed interpreting technology and services, has partnered with London-based Grip, an AI-powered matchmaking and networking solution for events.

This partnership will allow Grip to run webinars and virtual events in multiple languages without the administrative overhead.

A screenshot of the Grip website

Grip will be integrated with Interprefy’s Select Solution, which features an array of tools to optimise the user experience and there is no limit to the number of languages that can be provided.

“With the world turning to hybrid events, in the post-Covid-19 world, a large number of events are retaining some part of the virtual experience, for the longer term,” said Richard Roocroft, director of global sales at Interprefy.

“Interprefy makes Grip events multilingual, so that attendees can listen to presenters in a language of their choice, helping to increase engagement and inclusivity for all. We are delighted to partner with Grip, a global leader in hybrid events for networking and lead management”, Roocroft added.

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