IBTM World lays out enhanced health & safety protocols for year-end event

A previous year's IBTM World event

IBTM World Barcelona has revealed the health and safety measures for its in-person event, which this year will take place between November 30 to December 2 at Fira Barcelona.

Inside the venue, attendees are required to wear masks and maintain a 1.5-metre social distancing as per the current Spanish regulations. Exhibitors will incorporate this requirement into their stand design and stand demonstrations will be one-to-one to avoid congregations.

A previous year’s IBTM World event

Other measures in place include increased ventilation incorporating outdoor fresh air, hand sanitiser stations and the highest standards of cleaning before, during and after the event.

All attendees are also encouraged to plan their travel to the venue and print their badges ahead of time to allow for a smooth event entry.

David Thompson, event director, said: “It has been exciting to see the incredible response and appetite from our community to get back to doing business in person. Our primary focus this year remains on the safety of our exhibitors, partners, visitors and employees so that everyone involved has a fantastic and fruitful event experience. We are cutting no corners and we will apply all safety guidelines and regulations with the utmost diligence to ensure attendees can wholeheartedly and confidently focus on the power of doing business face-to-face and benefit from the practical takeaways and business relations acquired on the show floor.”

Kerry Prince, brand director, RX (the organisers of IBTM World), said: “Having already successfully run a series of events in 2021 as part of our RX portfolio, we have been able to take some of the learnings from those shows and apply them to the strategic planning of IBTM World. Our team has worked extensively with industry peers to create a safe working standard called “All Secure” for holding events in a Covid-impacted world, and IBTM is working closely with the local authorities and the Fira Barcelona to implement all other necessary precautions.”

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