Taiwan MICE Re-emerges Stronger Than Before

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Taipei city
Taipei city: an exceptional place to connect and inspire

As COVID-19 continues to threaten lives around the world, Taiwan’s prowess with managing the crisis reflects the efficiency, adaptability, and resources that make it a leading MICE destination.

Taiwan MICE set to thrive in the post-pandemic era

Taiwan is moving to the next step and providing a safe and financially appealing environment for business events. 

The government’s digital transition efforts enable business opportunity exploration through online exhibitions and help businesses reach overseas markets from home. These new trends show that the Taiwan MICE industry is evolving to make the best use of technology.

MEET TAIWAN spurs business recovery

To assist Taiwanese MICE with continuing to expand business opportunities in the post-pandemic era, MEET TAIWAN actively provides assistance and innovative marketing models.

Taiwan Incentive Talk, an online event series, is a new way for Asia planners and exhibitors around the world to connect on an interactive virtual platform. They will discover Taiwan is a strong, evergreen and incentivized destination, which happens to be an increasingly major factor for today’s post-COVID-19 market.

Also there will be the return of MEET TAIWAN’S Asia Super Team competition centered on the theme of Future Land with a US$50,000 incentive travel package going to the winning team. This year, the multinational event has been technically upgraded, featuring virtual and augmented reality digital tech. The interactive game platform is now wholly an online competition, bypassing pandemic restrictions so teams can “experience” some of Taiwan’s best incentive travel activities in a safe environment.

To facilitate the expansion of Taiwanese MICE overseas during the pandemic, the Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade pioneered an online exhibition platform to assist exhibitors with communicating with foreign buyers. At the same time, this platform can be integrated with physical exhibitions to bolster access during exhibitions. It provides multiple functions, such as virtual booths, product displays, a meeting system, and can help exhibitors with marketing analysis to explore more business opportunities.

Re-Fresh Taiwan: Building a firm and welcoming link with the world

It is anticipated that the threat of the epidemic will gradually subside. To demonstrate its human-centric approach to the MICE industry, MEET TAIWAN launched its “Re-Fresh Taiwan” initiative to encourage people to combine virus precautions with everyday life and join with global players to reach new achievements in the MICE industry.

Reassured and Safe: Taiwan’s medical-care system and public health capabilities mean that pandemic control measures can be promptly implemented.

Outstanding Service: Business event industry suppliers in Taiwan offer organizers professional and efficient services that are flexible and of a high quality.

Revolutionized Digital Era: Innovation has produced digital exhibitions and the rollout of 5G technology, providing faster and seamless livestreaming of creative moments brought about by AI, virtual reality, and other digital settings across venues.

ICC Tainan
ICC Tainan: a venue for online/offline events to explore the past and the future

MEET TAIWAN looks forward to having delegates from around the world once again gather together in the near future.

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