Trafalgar crafts bespoke mini group tours for Singapore market

Groups of 12 or more travellers can explore destinations in a safe bubble made possible by Trafalgar’s customised mini group tours, which come complete with a dedicated On-Road Team – including a travel director and driver – trained in physical distancing, hygiene and medical protocols, as well as destination expertise and local knowledge.

Travellers can pick from over 300 award-winning group tours;Budapest’s 19th-century Chain Bridge pictured

Aimed at Singapore residents looking to take advantage of the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs), the private trip can be crafted on a wide array of destinations with little or no surcharge on the original itinerary price.

Travellers can choose from over 300 award-winning group tours offered by Trafalgar, covering destinations such as Spain, Ireland and Hungary.

Trafalgar has updated its vaccination policy, requiring all guests to be fully vaccinated for guests’ peace of mind. In addition, the company’s wellbeing director will ensure that the establishments and locations to be visited comply with local health and safety protocols.

In the event of travel advisory changes, Trafalgar also offers free cancellation and booking changes.

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