MBB-Consulting Partner Group offers commercial audit service for exhibition stakeholders

London-based MBB-Consulting Partner Group has launched a commercial audit service to help event companies address performance concerns through the expertise of its international team.

The commercial audit service takes a deep-dive analysis of an event business’s current operations, with the objective of identifying practical steps to significantly improve its commercial performance. It will scrutinise various areas of operations, such as sales and team culture, systems and process integration, and financial and price planning. The results can then be referenced and compared to international benchmarks and industry best practice.

The commercial audit service is backed by research and business expertise

The group believes that this service is particularly timely as companies seek to emerge stronger from the disruption caused by the pandemic.

Matthias Baur, one of the founding members of the MBB-Consulting Partner Group, also believes that the events industry has been held back by underperformance.

He added that the service’s “unique blend of incisive research capabilities combined with a deep understanding of the practicalities faced by events businesses” will able the group to deliver “market leading results”.

The service is designed specifically for exhibition organisers and venue owners.

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