International SOS rolls out Covid Trip Planner

International SOS hopes avigate the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19 restrictions

International SOS has rolled out a new risk management tool, the COVID Trip Planner, in partnership with global data provider Sherpa.

The planner, which provides personalised information and advice on how to plan travel, is now accessible to its clients via the International SOS ManagerView and Assistance App for its clients.

The planner will help partners navigate the ever-changing landscape of Covid-19 restrictions

Information provided in the planner is constantly updated as countries and regions change their Covid-19 related rules and requirements. This includes travel rules by destination, country visa requirements, testing requirements and quarantine mandates. Travellers will also have direct access to any necessary forms to complete prior to departure.

Users of the COVID Trip Planner will also have access to International SOS Assistance Centre 24/7 Support, enabling them to connect with medical or security professionals should the need arise.

Jamon Ngoencharee, chief medical officer, International SOS said: “We expect travel regulations to continuously evolve and the impact of Covid-19 may even transform the way we travel for many years to come. Each trip may require a risk management process based on the destination, need for travel, as well as additional Covid-19 restrictions.”

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