Tokyo rolls out Budo-inspired Fitness to enliven events

How a typical in-person session would look like

Tokyo’s new online and hybrid Budo-inspired Fitness promises physical activity and traditional Japanese culture in a fun, lively package.

The one-hour session, hosted by instructors in trendy Omotesando, combines fundamental budo (martial arts) techniques and “danceable movements” with upbeat music and lighting effects, allowing for beginners to martial arts to easily follow along.

How a typical in-person session would look like

As the experience ends with a guided meditation period, its combination of stimulating and relaxing elements is designed to showcase a sense of both traditional and modern Japan.

The programme is produced by JUN, a famous fashion brand in Tokyo, and is suitable for anyone who has a moderate level of fitness.

Hybrid sessions are suitable for up to 18 pax per session, or a larger group if the organiser can secure a suitable space with the required equipment. It can also be enjoyed as a hands-on attraction for online participants.

The programme is available as a support program provided by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau for corporate meetings and incentive travel groups. It can be delivered in Japanese or simple English.

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