Achieving harmony to workplaces through song

Sharpe: programme Leadership Track is specifically designed for the challenges teams are facing today

Global people engagement company SongDivision has collaborated with learning and development experts Synaptic Potential, to create Leadership Track – an accessible, in-depth, fun programme that inspires teams to bond, and elevates leadership capabilities.

Launched globally in May 2022, the six-part programme combines the science of music with cutting-edge thinking, to support leaders to engage their teams to achieve results.

Sharpe: the programme was designed for the challenges teams are facing today

Created with time-poor executives in mind, and team members working onsite or remotely, the programme is made up of six 90-minute sessions which explore the fundamental aspects of functional leadership in the workplace. These are: team cohesion, storytelling, belonging, feedback, creativity, and engagement.

Songwriting is the experiential core of Leadership Track. Participants deep dive into a series of conversations, then work together to capture key takeaways in song lyrics. This musical co-creation anchors learning, and the final song is recorded by the musicians – a powerful experience and an ongoing reminder of lessons learned.

Andy Sharpe, founder and CEO, SongDivision, said for the past two decades, Fortune 500 companies have engaged SongDivision to anchor learning and deepen team engagement using the science of music.

“The pandemic has redefined the necessary skills of a ‘great’ leader. The needs of employees have changed and hybrid working models are now the norm which impacts how team members bond, build trust, and develop relationships.

“Leadership Track is specifically designed for the challenges teams are facing today. It is easy to engage with, doesn’t require weeks of planning, and it evokes a richer understanding of workplace relationships and teamwork.”

Since 2020, SongDivision has hosted over 2,000 virtual team bonding events globally.

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