Re-Fresh Taiwan: Taiwan Is Re-emerging as a Global Marketing Destination

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The warmth and friendliness of Taiwan creates a welcoming landscape. When the epidemic spread around the world, international exchanges were blocked and conventions and events came to an abrupt halt. With the national government’s and local citizenry’s concerted efforts to prevent the epidemic from spreading, in addition to the high level of vaccination coverage, Taiwan has been able to effectively control the epidemic and more quickly return to normal life. In the process, Taiwan has upgraded to being a safe, digitalized and efficient destination for conventions and incentive travel.

For the post-pandemic era, Taiwan is a top destination choice based on the nation’s existing foundation bolstered by the Re-Fresh Taiwan program that provides diversified services and cultural experiences. The four major principles of Re-Fresh Taiwan are:

In response to the revival of tourism in the post-epidemic era in Taiwan, various conventions and exhibitions are gradually resuming, tourist attractions have been redesigned and re-planned, and pending relaxation of border control, Taiwan is ready to provide more abundant and diversified incentive travel itineraries to entertain VIPs from all over the world.

Taiwan has reassuring health and medical care plus effective epidemic prevention measures that enable travelers to traverse Taiwan with peace of mind.

In addition, the use of green building materials and green energy systems in convention and exhibition buildings can set minds at ease when it comes to sustainability and environment concerns.

The Taiwan government has vigorously promoted the integration of virtual and physical exhibitions, making online exhibitions and conferences more frequent. The constraints of time and space are no longer an obstacle, and Taiwan is actively reconnecting with the recovering world.

Supported by the above mentioned particulars, and the fact that Taiwan has been building more convention centers to provide additional options for foreign guests, Taiwan is a top incentive travel destination choice—one that is ready to reunite by assisting with weaving unforgettable memories and creating successful MICE events together.

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