IBTM World 2022 focuses on culture creation

IBTM World’s networking events will this year reflect the unique culture of different destinations

IBTM has revealed the upcoming IBTM World 2022 will focus on culture creation, as the business events world adapts to a more disparate working environment post-pandemic.

Scheduled to take place at Fira, Barcelona, from November 29 to December 1, IBTM World 2022 will include the introduction of IBTM Cultural Roadshows as part of its focus on creating culture. Designed to showcase different cultural destinations around the world, the Roadshows will explore how destinations use their unique cultures to create huge potential for events.

IBTM World’s networking events will this year reflect the unique culture of different destinations

Meanwhile, IBTM World’s Knowledge Programme will focus on the event’s core cultural theme and include session tracks on connections, business, careers, brands and experiences. IBTM Accelerate will also be part of the line-up, and showcase innovative ideas with a roster of speakers delivering inspirational short talks.

There will also be networking events this year, each reflecting the unique culture of different destinations, including the popular Networking Hour on the showfloor, Club Night, and the Welcome Reception on day one with food, live music and dancing.

To free up time in buyers’ schedules to allow them to attend educational sessions and meetings over the course of the event, this year the Corporate Buyer Programme and the Association Programme will take place the day before the official start of the event, on November 28.

David Thompson, event director, IBTM World, commented: “Business events are back to fill the gap they left, but they have also stepped up to fill the new gap that’s appeared: the place where business culture lives. This year, we’re looking at how the technology we are using, the experiences we are creating, and the destinations we are visiting create limitless cultures for businesses and incredible potential for events and deliver the opportunity for better business results.”

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