Change starts from within

The CEO of Borneo Convention Centre Kuching shares more about why his primary focus is on cultivating homegrown events and improving the venue’s sustainability efforts

What is Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK)’s strategy to rebuild the business events segment in Sarawak?
We used the global slowdown in business events to update and upgrade our facilities and internal systems.

Taking a three-pronged approach, our focus was on improving modern comforts, digitalisation and efficiency. We have upgraded our internal systems to the best-in-class versions available, expanded the centre’s products and services, as well as beautified the venue.

By upgrading our internal systems, we aim to bring increased efficiency and quality assurance to our patrons and event organisers. These include the upgrading of the centralised air conditioning system, automated kitchen food quality monitoring systems, and integrated building management systems, which have led to more reliable, efficient service and product delivery.

These recent enhancements are designed to ensure we are ready to welcome our international clientele at in-person, hybrid and virtual events.

Moreover, BCCK has also expanded into hybrid, fully digital and televised events, armed with a Digital Broadcast Suite complete with high-definition recording and broadcasting camera sets, and other studio fixings. This will offer added value to larger international events, we can broadcast, distribute recordings or archive events taking place at the centre.

The centre’s customisable digital event platform is an end-to-end platform to manage diversified event requirements post-lockdown.

At the same time, we are constantly driving future developments to further enhance BCCK’s offerings locally and globally.

What are some major collaborations and smart partnerships that BCCK has made this year?
We have entered partnerships with like-minded organisations to produce homegrown events, with the aim of making it into annual events that can become hallmark events.

Our partners include Sarawak-based PCO ARC Creators, Sarawak Tourism Federation, and the Kuching Chefs Association.

Upcoming homegrown events next year include Borneo Extreme Auto Show & Tradefest; Borneo International Garden Expo Sarawak; Asia Pacific Tourism Expo & Conference; and Borneo Travel Mart. We intend to encourage and nurture these local events so that they can grow, and become regional events one day.

Planners and corporates are increasingly embracing sustainability. How does the centre support event planners in creating sustainable events?
Event planners can now opt to digitise their banners through myriad digital solutions available in-house, such as digital signages and large LED screens to reduce or eliminate printing. Our free public Wi-Fi system – which is capable of connecting 8,000 devices concurrently – also provides support for planners to digitise their event programmes.

On the F&B front, we have collaborated with a leading farm situated in Kuching to manage food waste via a bioconversion process. The segregated waste is recycled into organic fertilisers used to grow pesticide, chemical-free plants and herbs to meet our needs.

This eliminates waste and keeps it out of landfills and incinerators, thereby cutting down on harmful factors that affect the environment. Our food suppliers have also taken the step to work directly with farms, which is a great step for the community in the long term.

We are motivated to reduce and minimise any negative impact of our day-to-day operations on the environment. We currently have the assurance of ISO management systems, from the appointed vendor to process, salvage and turn our waste into reusable materials, which bodes well with our efforts to be environmentally sustainable.

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