Surprising discoveries in Tokyo

The Japanese capital offers two destinations beyond the familiar, busy centre that promises a refreshing blend of natural draws and wellness activities

Ukai Toriyama is a sprawling dining venue that resembles a mountain village, complete with picturesque gardens and ponds

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Although Tokyo is one of the world’s most populous capital cities, with a reputation as a competitive global business hub that never sleeps, the city packs a big surprise in the form of a relaxing side waiting to be discovered by corporate groups and business events. Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau organised its first fam trip in three years, themed around nature and wellness opportunities, to show off this lesser-known side of the city.

A short ride away by car or train whisks business event attendees from the beating heart of the Tokyo Metropolis to the quieter embrace of the Tama region in Western Tokyo. At a time when event planners and attendees place greater value on natural spaces, wellness, and contributions to local communities, two stand-out areas in this region were chosen for the fam trip.


Tachikawa takes pride in offering modern, city-quality infrastructure and abundant natural draws.

Most hotels are located within a five-minute walk from Tachikawa Station, allowing event delegates to easily commute on foot, minimising their carbon footprint. Hotels are also affordably priced, even for a double room with breakfast.

Palace Hotel Tachikawa boasts a wide selection of function rooms, including the largest banquet hall in the Tama region. The Rose Room can accommodate 650 guests in classroom-style or 1,500 people for buffet parties when the spacious foyer is utilised.

The newly launched GREEN SPRINGS is another outstanding option for business events. This ‘Wellbeing Town’ has gardens, a cascade, a modern workspace, shops, restaurants, cafes, and the Tachikawa Stage Garden with a seating capacity of about 2,500 in a multipurpose hall. A unique feature of Tachikawa Stage Garden is its operable full-width wall at the rear mezzanine, which when fully opened, connects the interior space to an outdoor stage and amphitheatre, with the lush gardens of GREEN SPRINGS as its backdrop. Also, this place allows event organisers to utilise the open-air event space outside.

Within GREEN SPRINGS, the 81-room SORANO HOTEL interior features light-coloured wood and gentle shades of grey and white that are complemented by endless stretches of greenery beyond enormous windows. Guests can enjoy a rejuvenating retreat at SORANO SPA, where there is a heated infinity pool on the 11th floor, as well as an indoor spa, Nano-mist Sauna, and gym on the 10th floor.

More wellness opportunities are offered just a stone’s throw away at Showa Kinen Park, which spans a massive 180 hectares and features several flower fields, a picturesque ginkgo avenue, an expanse of cherry blossom trees, a waterfront with snack stalls, pedal boats for rent, and numerous open spaces for people to relax.

Kanfutei Japanese teahouse within Showa Kinen Park’s Japanese Garden is an ideal venue to introduce delegates to the elegance of Japanese tea ceremony. Following the ritual, guests can enjoy the scenic surroundings from the elevated tatami room or stroll around the beautiful teahouse.

As the gateway to the mountainous Okutama area, Tachikawa offers an easy transition from serious meetings to exciting outdoor activities. Planners can take their pick of hiking, camping, fishing and white-water rafting. The region also boasts an impressive selection of sake breweries.

To leave a positive mark on the region, join Mitake Race Rafting Club for a river clean-up where participants bond over a meaningful activity benefitting the local community.

Tachikawa Tourism & Convention Bureau’s MICE advisor Yuta Goto believes his destination is perfect for mid-sized corporate meetings and incentive events with about 300 attendees.

While the Bureau was only formed in June 2021, the city is experienced with domestic meetings and is now keen to attract overseas groups. It offers comprehensive support for memorable events, including ideas, relevant connections, and financial or in-kind assistance to international planners, covering 10 per cent of the cost of events in Tachikawa.

Tachikawa has 11 convention facilities, 1,601 guestrooms and 22 banquet halls.


Adored by locals as The Mulberry City for its thriving silk production heritage, Hachioji today enjoys a strong following among hikers and trail runners who eagerly scale the sacred Mt Takao for a reward of fresh air and good health.

Standing 599 metres tall and protected within Meiji no Mori Takao Quasi-National Park, Mt Takao offers several easy and moderate trails as well as a convenient cable car ride.

Planners tasked with designing a programme with healthy outdoor activities will find Hachioji a treasure trove of options. In addition to hiking up Mt Takao, groups can bond over a bonfire at the newly-opened Takaone Activity & Stay, an accommodation and cultural activity centre at the foot of Mt Takao, or enjoy Mt Takao Base Camp’s flying squirrel-watching tour. The latter is a hostel that can sleep 34 guests and is available for full hire, providing the perfect space for team-building activities.

For a traditional flavour, arrange for groups to experience the Goma fire prayer ceremony at Takaosan Yakuo-in Yuki-ji temple, located halfway up Mt Takao. At this energetic ceremony, photography is prohibited, making it an essential in-person experience. Conclude the temple visit with an elaborate shojin ryori vegetarian meal in the temple.

Further restaurant options include the beautiful Ukai Toriyama, a sprawling venue that resembles a mountain village, complete with picturesque gardens and ponds. Most impressive is the sloped-roof gassho-zukuri house, available for private parties for up to 60 guests on the first floor. The second and third floors have a space showcasing historical artefacts and photographs of Hachioji in olden times. In all, Ukai Toriyama has 39 traditional houses and offers delicious seasonal meals, including charcoal-grilled chicken, which customers roast themselves at their table.

Saori Kubo, a representative of Hachioji Visitors & Convention Association, said Hachioji is increasingly popular with domestic travellers who discovered the area during Japan’s travel restrictions. Strong domestic demand, in turn, fuelled the creation of new wellness experiences perfect for corporate events.

Hachioji has 16 convention facilities, 1,869 guestrooms and 51 banquet halls.

Easy access to outstanding destination experiences
Planners keen to curate a programme in Tokyo with unexpected experiences can expect free quality guidance and assistance from Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau’s experienced staff, from venue recommendations to site inspections and communication with vendors.

The Bureau’s Unique Venues One-Stop Service Desk, established in 2018, in particular, underscores Tokyo’s ability to deliver on business event expectations every time.

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