Trip.Biz deploys Travalyst Aviation Framework to give corporates clarity on flight emissions

Trip.Biz finds that there is a significant demand for sustainable travel, which can now be met at a corporate level

Trip.Biz, Group’s corporate travel arm, has become the first corporate travel platform to use the Travalyst Aviation Framework to provide transparent flight carbon emissions data to corporate bookers.

Trip.Biz is the second Group brand to fully integrate the Travalyst Aviation Framework on emission reporting, following the successful integration for consumers on Skyscanner.

Trip.Biz finds that there is a significant demand for sustainable travel, which can now be met at a corporate level

Last year, Travalyst announced that its coalition of top travel brands had aligned on a shared framework to collect and display flight emissions data, providing consumers with essential information on flight emissions before booking. Group is a Founding Partner of Travalyst, the not-for-profit sustainable travel coalition, founded by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex.

Steven Zhang, CEO of Trip.Biz, said: “Corporate bookers are increasingly looking for providers offering sustainable travel options for business travellers.

“Since corporate ESG policies are more routinely considered when making travel bookings, Trip.Biz now ensures corporate travel bookers are equipped with the relevant data to make informed, more sustainable travel decisions.”

Sally Davey, CEO of Travalyst, added: “It is encouraging to see Trip.Biz adopting the Travalyst framework. This is an important step in moving towards industry-wide alignment in the decarbonisation of the aviation sector.”

The Travalyst framework consists of a set of shared principles and preferred methodology for estimating carbon emissions from air travel, agreed upon and committed to by all Travalyst travel distribution partners.

In addition to displaying emissions data on individual flight routes, Trip.Biz also provides its corporate clients with an overview of the total flight count and estimated accumulated emissions – giving clients a complete picture of their aviation emissions.

Trip.Biz currently provides travel management services to 14,000 large enterprises and 730,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, among which over 300 are Fortune 500 companies and over 10,000 are Sino-foreign joint venture businesses.

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