UFI works Net Zero Carbon Events campaign from the ground up

The recovery phase for the exhibition industry is ending in most markets around the world, where global attention has shifted toward future challenges

Apart from counting on existing supporters in Asia to spread the Net Zero Carbon Events (NZCE) campaign message, UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibitions is taking a “unique collective approach” to the value-chain of events.

Christian Duart, UFI research manager responsible for all sustainability research and initiatives, said: “UFI has been highly active (in NZCE) since COP26, supported by a substantial worldwide PR and social media programme.”

Net Zero Carbon Events initiative has work streams focusing on areas such as Venue Energy and Food

Duart, who is also secretary of the sustainable development committee, added the NZCE message was being delivered in editorials, via social media and UFI managing director/CEO Kai Hattendorf speaking about the pledge and campaign at conferences.

“The specific NZCE initiative that focuses on the impact of environment has also set up work streams to cover Venue Energy, Food, Production and Waste, Logistics, Travel and Accommodation, Measurement and Carbon Offsetting,” he told TTGmice.

The groups are developing guidelines on the best approach to implement the roadmap, and UFI is, on behalf of the NZCE task force, running the “Measurement” work stream that will define the standard methodologies, metrics and industry coefficients.

Duart added: “In the meantime, the NZCE campaign has produced a range of resources to help them to move forward. These are all free to download. They include a Quick Guide To Getting Started, NZCE Roadmap 2022 Executive Summary and NZCE ROADMAP 2022 Full Report.”

UFI, which has been active for a while around sustainability issues, is collecting best practices via an annual award scheme, he noted.

While UFI had not yet targeted exhibiting companies as such, Duart commented that it is being approached by organisers as well as venues and service providers for their respective services, in order to take part in the reduction of emissions.

“We shall see fast progress there in the coming year,” he opined.

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