Exceptional days

New Zealand packs in all sorts of fun, from savouring traditional flavours 
to uncovering film-making wonders

1. Be one with the All Blacks
The All Blacks Experience in Auckland is an immersive journey powered by storytelling that celebrates the legacy of New Zealand’s national rugby team. From interactive exhibits to behind-the-scenes tours, visitors will experience what it feels like to face the team performing the Haka and simulate walking onto the playing field.

2. Films and fantasies
One of Auckland’s premier attractions, Weta Workshop Unleashed is a high-sensory experience for fans of New Zealand’s famous fantasy films. The 90-minute guided tour takes you through a hands-on world of special effects, animatronics and creature design.

3. Chocolatey goodness
Chocolate enthusiasts will love bringing their dream creations to life using locally sourced ingredients and packaged with artwork by New Zealand artists. Chocolate making at the Wellington Chocolate Factory adopts artisan methods from the 18th century, is sustainable, and is made ethically to support cocoa growers.

4. Sustainable stays
Period undies and fragrant shower bombs that clean the water drain at the same time? Five-star boutique hotel Sudima Christchurch City is not only brand new and bold, but it is also blending sustainability with style like few of its competitors. It has great apartment options too.

5. Auckland Bridge adventures
Climb your way to breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline and traffic whizzing past and below, while learning about the history of the Auckland Bridge. The bridge also offers the Bungy Pod for next-level adventure.

6. Dine like a Maori
Dinner at Hiakai Restaurant in Wellington is unforgettable with sophisticated boundary-pushing cuisine celebrating Maori ingredients and traditional ways of cooking. Guests leave with a newfound appreciation for New Zealand’s culinary heritage, thanks to celebrated Mãori-Samoan chef Monique Fiso.

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