PCMA, Gevme test new AI platform for business events applications

A screenshot from Project Spark

PCMA, the global association for business events professionals, and Singapore-based event technology firm, Gevme are leading Project Spark, a complimentary research and educational initiative to uncover the impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on the business events industry.

Now in its first phase, Project Spark is being tested for various practical applications within the scope of business events to understand its impact on workforce productivity.

A screenshot from Project Spark

It can currently perform some 20 tasks, including fleshing out an event agenda; writing social media posts or summarising key takeaway based on published content like a video presentation; developing interview questions; writing speakers’ bios based on available notes. It also has an option of customised tasks.

During a system demonstration, PCMA managing director, APAC, Florence Chua, told TTGmice that Project Spark is built on several language models and its user interface is designed to guide instructive prompts that will result in better outcomes.

In trailing its event agenda writing capability, a set of prompts including name, objective and format of event as well as the number of attendees were placed in. Within seconds, Project Spark was able to generate a detailed agenda, complete with session timings, potential keynote and presentation topics, and ice-breaker ideas.

Project Spark is offering limited access now and is open to everyone. Those that are keen to trial the system can join the waitlist at http://sparkit.ai.

PCMA’s president and CEO, Sherrif Karamat, said in a press statement last week that “AI in the business events industry is just beginning”, and industry professionals need to come together to understand its power.

“We believe business events are about creating social and economic transformation. Properly channelled, AI has the potential to empower each of us to accelerate innovation and progress for our audiences, our businesses, and our careers,” he said.

“Project Spark is the starting point to explore, together, the challenge of adopting new AI technology and better understand how disruptive technology will enhance the power of the human connections our industry creates,” added Gevme CEO, Veemal Gungadin. “AI isn’t out to take jobs from event professionals, but to boost their skills. It makes tough tasks simpler and turns ordinary work into something special.”

Participants at PCMA Labs in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, starting June, will get guided hands-on experience with Project Spark. Limited spots are available, with priority given to PCMA members.

The progress of Project Spark will be shared on June 26 during PCMA’s Educon in Montreal, Canada.

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