Photo of the day: MBEW plants seeds of compassion

Amid the busyness of Malaysia Business Events Week (MBEW) 2023, the spirit of corporate social responsibility (MyCSR) shone brightly through two impactful initiatives.

Several attendees participated in a life-saving Blood Donation Drive, extending a lifeline to those in need, while a Tree Planting Activity involving 100 trees took root at an ecotourism attraction, Taman Alam, Selangor, for others.

These MyCSR activities during MBEW 2023 embody the heart of collaboration and compassion, leaving an indelible mark of positive change within and beyond the event’s horizon.

“We are delighted with the overwhelming response and active participation from delegates and strategic partners. The tree planting campaign and blood donation drive exemplify our industry’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond business gatherings,” said Saraya Arbi, interim chairman of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau.

She continued: “Together, we’ve proven that business events are not only a platform for growth but also an opportunity to nurture a better future. Through these initiatives, we have collectively shown that business events can be a force for good, contributing to both environmental sustainability and community welfare. Let’s continue to sow the seeds of goodwill, embracing the power of collective action.”

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