Career inspiration – Ines Sukandar Event management consultant and professional master of ceremonies

InesSukandarHow long have been a professional emcee and what do you like most about this job?

I have been emceeing since January 1985, a few months after I was accepted as a news presenter at TVRI Jakarta.

(Although) all eyes and ears are on me when I emcee and people (notice) when I make a mistake, I love the feeling that I am running the show.

I also like expanding my network when I am emceeing; it is a form of personal marketing.

Furthermore, I acquire new knowledge whenever I host an event. I get to learn about new products, for instance.

Besides, the money is good!

What are your best work experiences?

I always consider experiences – both good and bad – as lessons learnt. Emceeing events and gala dinners is not always a straight-forward process, and one must play by ear and be prepared for the unexpected.

Once I had to emcee for a state event, and we were all ready and waiting for the (then) head of state to arrive and deliver his keynote address, followed by the official opening of the conference. To our surprise, he cancelled his attendance.

(The sudden change of plans) was new to me then, and the burden to tackle the situation was on me. Thank God, I handled it as calmly as I could (and) all went well.

What preparations do you need to make before hosting an event with heads of state in attendance?

A lot of preperation must be made before going on stage, especially when it involves heads of state. I usually do research on who’s attending and on the event to faciliate script-writing.

I am particular about this stage of preparation, and will not emcee without a proper script. It does not have to be written completely, but must contain essential information.

What are your top tips for becoming a successful professional emcee of business events?

Be prepared, be humble and be wise.

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