Extraordinary entertainment

Make your event a memorable one by showcasing the culture of the destination while celebrating local talent. Here are some unique performance groups that you can call upon here in Asia-Pacific to leave a lasting impression

Cambodia Living Arts, Cambodia

Cambodia Living Arts (CLA) is an NGO launched in 1998 to revive the country’s traditional arts, which were wiped out during the Khmer Rouge reign. CLA trains young Cambodians to professional standards in a range of art forms, and talented troupes are on hand to wow private and public audiences with their artistic feats. Dance troupes showcase different dances from Apsara to the ethnic buffalo sacrifice dance. The ancient shadow puppet shows have also been revived, with large and small puppets performed in both traditional and modern ways, while musical groups are on hand to perform with instruments such as the pinpeat (wind and percussion instruments), and chapey dong veng (two-stringed, long-necked guitar).

Best suited for…
Any private events


Urban Drum Crew, Singapore

Urban Drum Crew

Urban Drum Crew drum is touted as the “definite showstopper whenever and wherever they perform”. This performance group based in Singapore is able to rouse the crowd by playing a number of rhythmic instruments, producing music with a creative blend of innovative ideas.

Among the many unique acts it offers is the water LED drums where lights and water come alive with the drumming beats.

Urban Drum Crew is also able to bring Singapore’s multicultural elements into its performances.

Best suited for…
Any private events. For indoor performances requiring the use of water LED drums, Urban Drum Crew will bring its own water retention carpet and ground sheet.


Bhangra, India

Bhangra is known to be one of the most energetic dance forms from the northern Indian state of Punjab. It has been showcased in many Bollywood musicals.

The dance form is both serious and vibrant at the same time, making it suitable for opening ceremonies in the morning, as a mid-conference energiser, for award dinners and all other events in between.

Event planners can have a Bhangra troupe, wearing colourful traditional dresses and playing a dhol (drum), welcome delegates as they enter the venue. The performers can also escort delegates to their respective seats.

Delegates can also be invited to be part of the performance, by having some members of the troupe urging them on, while other performers entertain the rest with their acrobatic feats.

Best suited for…
Any private events


Circular Rhythm, Australia

Circular Rhythm is essentially run by Lucas Proudfoot, a one-man-band, who provides interactive and informative performances designed to educate audiences on Australian Indigenous culture.

Located on the Gold Coast, Proudfoot is a member of the Tweed Coast/Aboriginal Islander community and has over 20 years of experience as a cultural performer. His shows feature a plethora of instruments ranging from the guitar, stomp box and didgeridoo to indigenous instruments such as clap sticks and boomerangs.

Each performance ranges from 10 to 20 minutes in length and is tailored to the client and audience, linking in with corporate branding and key messaging.

Best suited for…
Opening ceremonies


Tuna Macaense, Macau

Macanese group Tuna Macaense was formed in 1935. Today, the band still performs, and its members are of Portuguese and Chinese descent. They are able to provide live music in the form of Cantonese and Chinese ballads, carnival songs, and Anglo-Saxon pop music.

Best suited for…
Themed events.


Fanta-Stick, South Korea

One of the many non-verbal South Korean performances that have earned an international following, Fanta-Stick tells a love story that had begun at the dawn of time using a mix of traditional Korean melodies, heart-pounding percussion beats and electrifying dance moves.

The audience are encouraged to clap and chant to the beat, providing a wholly immersive and memorable performance.

Although Fanta-Stick offers regular, scheduled performances at NH Art Hall in Jung-gu, Seoul, the crew is open to private event hire at other locations.

Best suited for…
Opening and closing dinner events, and award functions


Children’s Cantonese Opera, Hong Kong

Hailing from Hong Kong, Children’s Cantonese Opera’s roots can be traced back to 1998, when it was formed by a charitable company, the Cha Duk Chang Children’s Cantonese Opera Association (CDC).

CDC’s performances are based on scripts that have been specially written for children, where the theme revolves around their daily lives.

Performance durations can be anything from 10 to 30 minutes and is flexible depending on the organisers’ need. Famous

Cantonese opera stories, based on original scripts, can also be relayed in English.

Best suited for…
Any private events


El Gamma Penumbra, the Philippines

The grand winner of the first season of Asia’s Got Talent in 2015, the all-male El Gamma Penumbra performance group weaves beautiful stories, leaves inspiring messages, and raises awareness on contemporary issues such as trophy hunting, the ill effects of blast fishing and climate change through their shadow acts.

Their mesmerising acts is a study in grace and artistry, requiring high concentration, good balance and extreme body movements.

Best suited for…
Any private events, especially gala dinners, incentive parties


Xam, Vietnam

Xam singing is a traditional art form which originated from Vietnam’s northern regions.

With deep lyrics that narrate daily life stories, the art form was considered to be a treasured cultural item, and was an important part of the Vietnamese people’s spiritual life.

The artform was at risk of being lost, but it was revitalised recently and once again, holds a special place in Vietnam’s heart.

Since 1956, the Vietnam National Academy of Music has been training students in a range of traditional art forms, with troupes ready to showcase their talents to the backdrop of authentic Vietnamese music.

Best suited for…
Any private events


Angklung Orchestra by Saung Angklung Mang Udjo, Bandung, Indonesia


An orchestra of angklung, a bamboo musical instrument from Indonesia, can perform a great variety of music, from the traditional and pop music to complicated classical numbers of composers like Mozart.

One of the most interesting parts is that at the end of the show, participants will be provided with an angklung and be taught how to play. The audience will then have a chance to play the instrument. Special arrangements are required if event organisers would like to gift their delegates the angklung to keep as a souvenir.

Best suited for…
Cocktail receptions, pre-dinner or dinner functions, product launches, award nights and ice-breaker sessions

info@angklung-udjo.co.id; www.angklung-udjo.co.id

Folklorico Filipino Dance Company, Philippines

The Folklorico Filipino Dance Company is a group of professional dancers – dressed up in intricate Filipiniana costume and finery – who can add colour, glamour and grace to any event.

The skilled dancers will be able to entertain audiences with tricky performances such as tinikling, which requires balance and perfect timing as several dancers hop and dance in between bamboo poles; and the folk dance pandanggo sa ilaw, in which dancers balance glasses containing water on their hands and heads as they avoid spilling water despite their bodies moving faster and faster.

The group’s rondalla, the ensemble of stringed musical instruments, can add spice to the show.

Best suited for…
Any private events


Devdan Show, Indonesia

Devdan is a musical and dance performance regularly performed at Bali Nusa Dua Theatre. The 90-minute performance tells the story of Indonesia’s cultural diversity through a mix of traditionally-dressed dancers and high-tech projections.

The story is told through the eyes of two children, who were separated from a tour group and found a treasure chest. The chest transports them to different parts of Indonesia, and at the same time, the audience is introduced to the people and culture of destinations such as Bali, Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua.

MICE groups can either book the entire show at the theatre, or have a portion of the show performed elsewhere. As such, event organisers will be able to incorporate their event’s theme into the performance. In a product launch event, for example, the show can become the means of the product launch itself.

Best suited for…
Opening and closing receptions, gala dinners, award ceremonies/dinners and product launches


At Adau, Malaysia

This six-person Sarawakian band At Adau experiments with the fusion of modern and traditional instruments to create enchanting tunes.

For example, a rendition of the classic Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, is accompanied by the sape, a traditional string instrument from Sarawak. Or a round of the ever-popular Pat-a-cake hand-clapping game can be done to a chant of an old Malay rhyme titled buah cempedak di luar pagar or jackfruit outside the fence.

These gigs coalesce tribal and contemporary instruments to produce fusions of various rendition acts that is both engaging and interactive.

Best suited for…
Opening ceremonies, ice-breaker sessions and gala dinners


The Wrecking Crew Orchestra, Japan

An eight-piece dance group that is based in Osaka, the Wrecking Crew Orchestra has performed its unique blend of hip-hop and acrobatic moves around the world.

What sets them apart, however, is the group’s use of light; they perform their tightly choreographed moves in suits and face masks that are illuminated with brightly coloured LED lights against a black backdrop. The combination of sound, light and movement is mesmerising.

It will probably be a hit with a younger crowd, although anyone can appreciate the spectacle.

Best suited for…
An evening reception in an indoor venue


Hands Percussion Malaysia

Hands Percussion Malaysia

Hands Percussion Malaysia has been part of the Malaysian performing arts scene since 1997.

Its highly creative and artistic drumming performances incorporate varied influences from communities around Malaysia. In addition, it also uses shigu drums and South-east Asian musical instruments.

The group has been invited to participate in international arts festivals such as the World Culture Showcase World Music Festival on Drum and Dance in Taiwan in 2007; World Congress & Performing Arts Festival for young people in Adelaide in 2008; and the New Taipei City International Music & Dance Festival in Taipei in 2012.

It can also be hired for private events.

Best suited for…
Gala dinners and opening receptions for tradeshows or conferences


Iconic Creatures, Australia

The brainchild of Melbourne-based Icon Entertainment, Iconic Creatures sees talented performers – adorned in costume and body paint – bring four Australian icons to life.

The four icons – Frill Neck Lizard, Sulfur Crested Kangaroo, Eucalyptus Tree and a Kookaburra – first appeared at the AIME 2016 Welcome Reception. Each character takes close to three hours to transform, and the finished product is perfect for meeting and greeting guests, resulting in a host of Instagram-worthy snaps!

A Wattle Tree and Echidna will soon be added to the Iconic Creatures’ mix.

Best suited for…
As a welcome feature during opening and closing receptions, and product launches


Jon Santos, Philippines

One of the Philippines’ top comedians and impersonators, Jon Santos has the extraordinary ability of imitating the voice of presidents, politicians and other famous people regardless of whether they are male or female, right down to their accents and mannerisms.

During performances, his physical appearance will also be effectively transformed, thanks to skilled make-up artists and costume designers.

Santos’ forte in political satire will keep the audience in stitches. Neither corny nor offensive, his spoofs are hilarious, and the punch lines delivered with good timing. He writes most of his scripts, and he can also also sing.

Best suited for…
Any private events


Kathak, India

Kathak is one of the 10 major forms of Indian classical dances and it gained popularity in the courts of the Indian rulers as an entertainment option and classical form.

Considered one of the most dynamic theatre arts in the world, kathak performers tell stories from Indian scriptures like Ramayana through dance, music and mime. The performers will mesmerise the audience with their gestures, expressions and rhythmic foot movements.

Performed in a palace-like setting, the ambience will allow guests to experience how past Indian kings used to spend their evenings.

Best suited for…
Gala dinners, award dinners and incentive parties


Shadowgraphy, Singapore

Founded in late-2013, Shadowgraphy  specialises in shadow dance where dancers manipulate light with their bodies, casting shadows on a screen to create silhouetted images that tell an engaging story.

Shadowgraphy is able to customise the performance to convey messages or to match a theme the event organiser desires.

This is the first performance company in Singapore to offer this dance form, and it has been engaged for performance overseas.

Best suited for…
Any private events


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