Meet Taiwan leverages innovative methods to raise awareness at trade shows

Convention bureau Meet Taiwan is utilising creative means to boost its destination profile and branding during travel trade events.

Earlier this year, it developed the High Five Taiwan campaign that has been used in five travel trade shows this year including IT&CM China, IT&CM Asia and IMEX 2016 to boost traffic to its Meet Taiwan booth, and results have been phenomenal.

At IMEX for instance, the campaign generated 373 per cent more traffic to the booth compared to the previous year. “The campaign was developed specifically to solve the problem of getting buyers to our booth and it has produced results,” said Walter Yeh, executive vice president of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

The initiative involved visitors placing their palms on an iPad provided by Meet Taiwan and an app will then detect the person’s body temperature and suggest a travel activity they can do in Taiwan. More than 175,000 trade participants have used the app so far since it made its debut at IT&CM China in April, said Yeh.

During the ICCA Congress, Meet Taiwan and Kaohsiung also saw an opportunity to be creative during a lunch they sponsored by inviting younger delegates to sit with and interact freely with industry veterans, such as CEO of ICCA Martin Sirk, at the VIP table.

Sirk said: “It is a clever way of branding which no other sponsor at ICCA Congress has thought of in the past. It sends a clear message that Meet Taiwan and Kaohsiung are also interested in the next generation of leaders, and not solely focused on driving traffic to their destinations.”

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