Asia Ability, Singapore

With its humble beginnings in Kota Kinabalu, Asia Ability offers creative teambuilding activities with a twist. The company began operations in 1996, and has been delivering corporate experiences across South-east Asia since then.

Now, Asia Ability has offices and operations in Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Concept: From crafting and racing in cardboard boats to putting together a musical performance Guitar Hero style, Asia Ability gathers teams in ultimate challenges of cooperation, coordination and determination.

Its catalogue of activities spans from short “energisers” to more elaborate challenges as part of a longer team-bonding schedule, its managing director David Powell told TTGmice.

MICE application: Although its challenges seem relatively straightforward, Asia Ability shines in its delivery of meaningful twists to the conventional and expected.

One of its newest experiences is Break the Box, a 90-minute-long concept reminiscent of escape room games. Participants are split into smaller teams and tasked to derive a codekey from a series of locked cases on each table.

Many players – such as myself – may be accustomed to having a competitive element in such games, hence lean towards working within the group and racing against the other teams.

But Break the Box in fact requires teams to communicate with each other in order to crack the codes. Core corporate messages – such as “excite” and “motivate” – can be customised and embedded into certain tasks.

Another popular activity we had a taste of was Toy Factory, in which teams work to assemble wooden toys. Participants must complete challenges, including trivia and puzzles, to acquire tools like screwdrivers and paints.

At the end of the challenge, the painted, boxed and wrapped toys are gifted to local beneficiaries of the company’s choosing.

Service: Asia Ability has a close-knit team of friendly guides throughout South-east Asia, available on site to provide instructions, offer encouragement and steer participants towards the right direction.

Better than emerging victorious over others, accomplishment alongside your collaborators also lets participants end the day on a more heartwarming note. Working together towards a common goal gives newcomers the opportunity to warm up to their new colleagues as well.

(60 88) 25-5289 (Kota Kinabalu head office); (65) 6808-5819 (Singapore office)

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