Purposeful meeting

Hilton Singapore proves that it is the small things that matter with TTG Asia Media’s Editorial Powwow, using casual bean bags for seats and fresh, low-carb, low-sugar foods to keep spirits up.

Event brief
TTG Asia Media’s core editorial team meets once a year to discuss learnings from the past year and objectives for the new year and to bond as friends and colleagues over a little fun.

For 2017’s meeting, the editorial team was presented with the option to experience Hilton’s new Meet with Purpose programme which emphasises on sustainable and wellness elements.

Every year, the TTG editorial team meeting is confirmed at the very last minute due to the many different business trips taken by the editors, making it difficult to pin everyone down on a single day.

While Hilton Singapore got in touch with me on the Meetings with Purpose proposal in early-July, discussions went back and forth on whether my team could better coincide our time in Singapore or Bangkok, both cities with Hilton hotels. It was not till August 3 when I was able to confirm the meeting for November 6 at Hilton Singapore.

Discussions on programme flow and required venue and logistical support continued to be sporadic, due to my numerous travel assignments which slowed email responses.

Another challenge came in to the form of the meeting venue. Where possible, I tend to avoid hosting our Editorial Powwow in traditional meeting rooms which I find to be an environment that is too stern for candid discussions and performance reviews. Previous Editorial Powwows were held in a resort’s garden on Sentosa island and in the apartment of my predecessor, and the staff reviews in wine bars.

So I asked Hilton Singapore to propose a casual setup for our meeting, and fun activities to revitalise the mind in between serious discussions.

The Hilton Singapore team, through its publicity agency Rice Communications, was very patient and kept in as much constant touch with me as possible to provide event ideas.

To meet my laid-back ambience requirement, the hotel team placed vibrant coloured bean bags in a circle on which we lounged and talked, while a snack corner where we constantly picked off fresh fruit and nuts completed the relaxed setting.

In line with the Meet with Purpose sustainability and wellness promise, our bento lunch featured ingredients obtained from sustainable sources and had minimal sugar and carbohydrates. It was beautifully presented, tasted top-notch, and truly kept the dreaded post-lunch coma at bay.

Lunch was also preceded by an informative introduction to the hotel’s vertical garden by executive chef Vijayakant Shanmugam. The garden is able to produce up to 100kg of freshly grown vegetables, which will be used in the hotel’s kitchens!

After lunch, a mocktail masterclass awaited us. Through much fun and laughter, we learnt how versatile tonic water was and how combining that with fresh and dehydrated botanicals would give us a refreshing beverage. The experience got all of us buzzing and in an upbeat mood as we moved on to individual staff reviews.

It is also worth noting that mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments comprised light bites such as avocado smoothie, spinach quiche, smoked duck bruschetta, yoghurt and lightly sweetened cupcakes, which were fun to eat but did not fill us up too much or bring about a sugar crash.

Event Editorial Powwow 2017
Organiser TTGmice and Hilton Singapore
Venue Hilton Singapore
Date November 6, 2017
Number of participants 11

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