Pacific World and Noshtrekker become partners

Event management company Pacific World has partnered with cultural food experience company Noshtrekker to offer clients more activity choices.

The new partnership brings both companies together to develop unique itineraries for events and incentives that focus on four areas of interest: heritage, arts, culture and wellness. Participants will immerse themselves in topics like culture, architecture, or sustainability, meet locals with interesting stories to tell and taste food that helps to tell the story.

Expect authentic experiences with locals

Selina Chavry, global managing director at Pacific World, said in a statement: “Our partnership with Noshtrekker creates a wholly unique product for incentives and events to discover a place through the eyes and tastes of locals.

“Our clients are craving unique, immersive experiences where they can engage with the destination’s culture and traditions. We align the location and experience with our client’s goals – and devise events that engage attendees on many levels, creating an unforgettable experience of a lifetime that bonds the guests,” she added.

“We are changing the way people travel by creating memories based on connecting cultures through delicious, authentic food prepared and served by locals with a story to tell,” Tahnya Butterfield, co-founder and chief experience designer at Noshtrekker.

Founded in 2015 and currently available in Singapore and New South Wales, Australia, Noshtrekker creates unique and authentic food memories in the homes of locals – Nosh Hosts. The homes are destinations in themselves, offering an intimate look into the local culture through delicious home-cooked food and engaging storytelling.


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