Pacific World and ACCESS reveal top Asian destinations for the year

China, Hong Kong and Indonesia have emerged as top Asian destinations in the 2018 Special Destinations Report produced by Pacific World and ACCESS.

The report profiles top destinations and explores why they are attracting so much interest among event planners.

Pacific World predicts a rise in interest for remote islands of Komodo and Flores in Indonesia; Padar Island, Komodo National Park pictured

Overall, Spain is the most popular, gaining over 15% of Pacific World’s RFPs worldwide. Elsewhere in Europe, the UK, France, Italy and Monaco follow closely behind Spain with 11%, 9%, 8% and 6% of all RFPs received respectively.

In Asia, China tops the list receiving 15% of the requests, followed by Hong Kong (13%), Indonesia (12.5%) and Thailand (11.5%).

In Asia, the hotel boom of China, especially in second-tier cities, has been instrumental in drawing meetings and incentive groups. The growth of the Chinese middle-class consumer and relocation of manufacturing plants have made way for many more mid-scale and budget hotels, which in turn provide more event spaces. Some popular off-the-beaten-track destinations in China include Chengdu and Yunnan.

In Indonesia, Bali will continue to be a hit, but the island of Lombok is gaining interest thanks to its burgeoning infrastructure and unique cultural and natural heritage. Split programmes that combine new areas of Bali and Lombok are demanded on a more regular basis. In the upcoming years, Pacific World predicts a rise in interest for the remote islands of Komodo and Flores, currently attracting leisure programmes with their unique fauna, flora and culture.

“More and more, we keep seeing interest for off-the-beaten-track programmes and destinations. While known destinations are still preferred for incentives, unique experiences are now in demand. This can be visiting remote places, engaging with local people in a more dynamic way, enjoying the unexpected, or having the feeling of being the first person to visit a particular place,” said Patricia Silvio, global marketing manager of Pacific World.

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