HIMICE branches out of China, offers education

Zeng: natural progression

Haikou-based events organiser HIMICE Communications Group has this week obtained a license from the China National Tourism Administration to conduct outbound business events.

HIMICE, which has grown from a DMC to one of the country’s leading PCOs and PEOs, will now be able to expand its scope of operations beyond China.

Zeng: natural progression

Janet Zeng, director of market development with HIMICE, said: “We have always been handling inbound events conducted by the government, domestic companies and MNCs. As our reputation grew, we started to get numerous requests from China-based clients for overseas conferences and exhibitions. Without a licence, we were not able to fulfil those requests.”

Zeng revealed that an exhibition bound for Paris this May was quickly secured as soon as the licence was obtained.

When asked if there were specific overseas destinations HIMICE would like to specialise in, Zeng said client demand would take the lead. She added that most of the outbound events would be trade conferences, strategic meetings, product launches and exhibitions.

Meanwhile, HIMICE has started a tourism college in partnership with the Tourism School of Hainan University, and other business schools in the Chinese province, offering free courses in event management and marketing communications. Courses are written and conducted by senior leaders in the company and are provided as a supplement to regular curriculum.

Zeng explained that it was a “natural progression” for HIMICE to provide industry education as the company “has been the biggest developer of Hainan’s business events industry and have staff with vast experience in the business”.

HIMICE will also provide internship and employment opportunities to these students.

“But should they decide to join other event companies or pursue a career in other industries, that’s fine too. What they have learnt from us will still be valuable knowledge for any company and industry they eventually join,” remarked Zeng.

She estimates that the HIMICE tourism college has approximately 1,000 students enrolled in various courses since its establishment last year.

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