Taiwan’s islands take the lead in campaigns

This year, Taiwan is selling its offshore islands as the next big draw for business event planners looking to the peninsula.

Nina Lin, deputy executive director of Meet Taiwan, said: “We are seeing a lot of corporate incentives from China and around the world looking for something special and surprising in their itineraries.”

Industry players in smaller cities motivated to promote themselves; train approaching Taitung’s Duoliang Station (pictured)

This was the impetus for promoting Taiwan’s offshore islands, such as Ludao and Penghu, as well as the coastal highlights of Taitung, said Lin.

In these areas, activities such as cycling, roadtrips and CSR efforts are popular for corporate programmes.

“(Delegates) want to be delighted by the local culture and sights,” commented Lin.

She shared that after Kaohsiung’s “fervent promotions” secured its bid for the 2020 ICCA Congress, other cities in Taiwan – such as Taichung and Taoyuan – have been motivated to rally industry players and will soon launch their own business events campaigns.

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