TPB to promote Philippines’ carinderia food to the world


The Philippine Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) launched a culinary event, Buhay Carinderia Redefined, highlighting carinderias or roadside eateries selling local food, last week.

Buhay Carinderia Redefined is an “advocacy project” that redefines the carinderia “as something more than a simple corner eatery” into “innovative, dynamic and relatable”, explained TPB’s chief operating officer Cesar Montano.

Buhay Carinderia will go on a months-long journey all over the Philippines in search for the best in the Carinderia culinary scene

This comes after the cancellation of this year’s World Street Food Congress, and the rescheduling of premier gastronomic event Madrid Fusion Manila.

The event, originally known as Buhay Carinderia and organised by Marylindbert International in Manila in 2011, will be travelling around the Philippines. It will comprise of workshops, exhibitions, and culinary competitions.

Montano added that it will be “reaching out to the grassroots” by urging them to prepare and serve homecooked meals, an important part of Filipino hospitality.

The launch of Buhay Carinderia Redefined came after the organising committee of the World Street Food Congress announced its cancellation “under circumstances beyond our control”. The Philippines first wrested Food Congress from Singapore three years ago.

As well, TPB announced that the fourth year of Madrid Fusion Manila, initially slated for April, has been rescheduled to September, instead of initial plans to hold it in 2019.

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