Inspiring Entertainment – part 2

From a dramatic dance with water to comedic singing sommeliers, here are some of the most fascinating entertainment ideas for business events.


The show brings fire, light, juggling, acrobatic stunts and dance together on stage for a performance delegates won’t forget.


What’s unique:
Luminatrix is a fusion of contemporary dance and modern circus. Performances can be customised to include corporate branding, and can be delivered indoors or outdoors by two to 10 performers.
Great for: Conference opening, gala dinner, annual dinner, company celebration, family day, award ceremony
Contact: Psycusix, Malaysia;

Jeongdong Theater, based in Seoul and Gyeongju, offers for hire a top traditional dance team, a samulnori (traditional percussion) team and an instrumental team. As well, the theatre opens its space for rental, providing technical prerequisites such as lighting equipment and green rooms for performers.

Jeongdong theater

What’s unique:
Event planners can bring a traditional Korean performance exclusively to their delegates at Jeongdong Theatre. Furthermore, the theatre is the founder of successful production brand Miso, which lends artistic flavour to the usual traditional performances.
Great for: Prelude to a keynote presentation, opening/closing ceremony
Contact: Jeongdong Theater, South Korea; (Seoul); (Gyeongju)

Bringing his unique style of close-up magic to events, Magic Howard leaves the audience baffled and thoroughly entertained. As a resident in Thailand, he has performed on British TV and in Las Vegas; he has amazed royalty and Hollywood stars and is now entertaining corporate groups. He can do an hour-long performance or two slots of 30 minutes each, roaming through pre-dinner cocktails or on stage.

Magic Howard

What’s unique:
Howard’s light-hearted banter is endearing, and he is one of the most professional and entertaining magicians in town.
Great for: Intimate client/partner appreciation dinner, networking party
Contact: PIGS Co, Thailand;

The Ultimate Champagne Dinner is a gala dinner that features seven rare vintage champagnes paired with a curated musical programme of opera, jazz, classic vinyl pieces, dances, and Michelin-inspired dishes. The event ideally takes 12 to 16 guests, or up to 32 people, and can be executed in other destinations besides Thailand.

What’s unique:
The idea, dreamt up by Athikom Jeerapairotekun, managing director of Thailand-based Premier Incoming Group Services – PIGS Co, is designed to be an experience for companies looking to impress the crème de la crème of their business partners.

Regarded as the Rolls Royce of dinners, the experience is best delivered in a fabulous venue, and PIGS Co is able to recommend unique and exclusive options such as Nai Lert Heritage Home in central Bangkok, The Slate in Phuket, 137 Pillars, or Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai.
Great for: Intimate client/partner appreciation dinners
Contact: PIGS Co, Thailand;

This visually stunning performance is delivered by female drummers on LED water drums. Water splashes as the energetic routine gains intensity. The performance can feature up to 15 drummers, and the length of the show can vary according to the planner’s requirement.

Hyper Light Drum

What’s unique:
All aspects of the performance can be customised, from the music (cultural to futuristic sound tracks) to the costumes, to be aligned to the theme of the event.
Great for: Gala dinner, accompanying act for an arriving VIP, product launch
Contact: Hyperactive Entertainment, Malaysia;

A comedic operatic performance that keeps revealing surprises, the act begins with two professional wine guides who introduce themselves as sommeliers.

It soon becomes evident that the male guide is clueless about wine and goes on to compare a woman in the audience to a silky smooth Chardonnay, just before bursting into a song about how all women are like wine. The female responds with Carmen’s Habanera, but with a humorous English translation about men. She then bumps into an ex-lover in the audience and the fun continues, including an appearance by “Pavarotti” to inject further frivolity.

Singing Sommeliers

What’s unique:
This flexible act combines high brow opera with tongue-in-cheek comedy, a stint of acrobatics and enough twists and turns that gives it a broad appeal, not just for opera lovers.
The show can be modified to suit both high-tech staged environments to more casual settings. This act cannot be duplicated because it is highly dependent on the chemistry of husband and wife duo Jon and Rebecca Bode.
Great for: Gala dinner, intimate staff party, ice-breaker, pre-dinner event or just before dessert
Contact: Extraordinary Acts, Australia;

Joseph Erwin Valerio uses his hands to draw on a flat glass covered with the finest sand imported from the UAE. His sandpaintings always weave stories and are themed, and can be customised to deliver the client’s message. Music can be incorporated to make the performance even more interesting.

What’s unique: Joseph, who has no formal training in painting and drawing but catapulted to fame on a TV reality show for talented Filipinos, realised his talent while sifting through dirt and sand when his home was destroyed by a typhoon in 2009.
Great for: Opening/closing ceremony, gala dinner, VIP product launch
Contact:; (63) 09364140025; (63) 09179548275

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