Garden Pavilion, Keyaki

Pan Pacific Singapore has introduced its newest event space, a newly-built Garden Pavilion on its fourth floor open-air space.

The Garden Pavilion sits serenely in the heart of a sculpted Japanese garden, and is connected via a short walkway from Keyaki restaurant. The rectangular structure is clad in traditional Shoji-inspired screens, and opens up to a beautiful koi pond.

This sequestered spot within the Pan Pacific Singapore hotel building felt like a little slice of Japan.

Garden Pavilion’s exterior in the daytime

On the official opening night I was there, the executive chef and his team whipped up a veritable feast of hot and cold food items. Aside from the staple sashimi and sushi, other cold dishes included soba, chawanmushi, and tofu cubes. In the hot section, chefs deftly pan-fried wagyu beef cubes, palmed-sized scallops, and de-shelled prawns on the sizzling hot teppanyaki. There was also a separate cooking section for vegetable items such as asparagus and mushrooms.

The wagyu beef cubes were well-marbled, which gave every bite an intense and rich flavour, while the fresh scallops were soft and delicate. These were obviously my two favourite dishes of the night, and it was just skimming the surface of what other delicacies Keyaki can put on the table. I was also told that some of the delicacies are air-flown in regularly from Japan.

To round off the meal, there was a section dedicated to desserts, which of course, featured Japanese favourites like green tea cakes and yuzu mochi.

The arrangement is just a glimpse of what Pan Pacific Singapore can offer, as all this or more can be customised to the likes of clients or event planners.

Seating arrangement within the Garden Pavilion

MICE application
The Garden Pavilion itself can seat up to 40 people for a sit-down lunch or dinner. In a standing cocktail-style, the rectangular space would be able to hold around 80 pax. Keyaki itself can seat up to 140 pax, and it has two private dining rooms.

Kaiseki menus for private luncheons or dinners start at S$220 (US$162) per person, while cocktail receptions start at S$80 per person with canapés. Beverage packages are also available. The minimum spend for the use of the pavilion is S$6,000++ for dinner and S$5,000++ for lunch.

Only Japanese fare from Keyaki will be served at events utilising the Garden Pavilion. Menus can be tailored and customised to any event, so guests with allergies or specific requirements will be taken care of.

Staff were polite and helpful, while the restaurant manager ensured he was on top of things, be it a breaking of a wine glass or managing the crowd flow.

The Garden Pavilion would certainly be a perfect place to unwind, partake in a delicious meal, and imbibe a glass of wine, after a long day of negotiations and discussions.

Tel (65) 6826 8240

Opening Hours
Lunch – 11.30 to 14.30
Dinner – 18.30 to 22.30

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