Catch up with Shane Ullman

The former event director at BI Worldwide China has gone independent, forming an events agency that specialises in both inbound and ourbound meetings

Shane Ullman

How did a Sydney boy end up with a business in China?
I came to China in March 2012 with the intention of starting a restaurant in Shanghai. I did my business plans and realised I would fail.

I then figured I love travel, so I should have a job in that area. So I sought employment with Shanghai Sideways (now called Insiders Experience), a motorcycle tour company in China. I invested in its Xi’an expansion, and I ran the China operations.

Eventually I desired broader experience, and moved to BI Worldwide China (as events business development director) in 2014. I left 3.5 years later, longing to stretch my wings further. Now I run my own events company.

Shane Ullman

Tell me about your company.
Travelevents.Asia seeks to fill the gap in high quality service in China’s business events industry. As a DMC we will offer an elite fleet of cars and experienced chauffeurs trained by me – first in Shanghai, then in Beijing. There is a big shortage of experienced drivers in China who are conversant in English.

I’m also looking to eventually train my own team of tour guides who will be able to tell an accurate ancient history of China.

Will Travelevents.Asia handle overseas meetings management too, which you specialise in?
I’ve been doing only outbound meetings in the last five years, taking Chinese corporate groups of 50 and 300 people overseas. My company handles both inbound and outbound meetings.

But I’m hoping to develop the inbound business more. I’m first targeting Australian companies keen on coming to China. I’m exhibiting at GetGlobal (in Sydney) this July, and will be telling Australians that if they want an Australian to plan their next business trip to China, come to me.

What events are coming up for you?
An incentive to Beijing at end–April, with participants from all over the world. The market in China gives very short notice, with bookings coming in two or three months to event date, so I expect to be getting more events in the coming months.

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