Jakarta’s MICE stakeholders seek greater collaboration with government

To bring more business events to Jakarta (pictured), stakeholders feel that more collaboration with the government is needed

The lack of public-private collaboration is the biggest challenge in attracting more business events to the Indonesian capital, identified the Jakarta provincial government and tourism industry stakeholders in a joint discussion last week.

“Everyone is doing their own things. The private sector has its own business target, associations work for their own interests, while the government focuses on the programme,” lamented Hosea Andreas Runkat, chairman of Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association.

To bring more business events to Jakarta (pictured), stakeholders feel that more collaboration with the government is needed

Stressing the importance of working together, Andreas – who is also director of convention services at Jakarta Convention Center – said that the Jakarta provincial government needs to bring everyone together and position the capital city as “one team, one identity and one destination”.

For example, during bidding, both the organiser and the association require the government’s participation to present Jakarta as an attractive destination, as well as provide assurance that the event will have the full support of the government.

“Things like this are (sorely) needed by the industry,” Andreas pointed out.

Arya Seta Wiriadipoera, managing director at Napindo Media Ashatama, a PEO, agreed: “The government should maximise the presence of the industry to develop Jakarta as a destination.”

He suggested: “For example, the government can collaborate with us to stage a cultural event at the exhibition’s opening ceremony.”

Andy Wismarsyah, president director of Amara Pameran Indonesia, another PEO, is strongly in support of collaboration between the industry and government, as both sectors should come together to better promote the city.

Speaking from experience, Andy revealed that both him and his team often received questions about Jakarta as a destination, but without the necessary information they were unable to update clients on new tourism products, or if there are interesting attractions nearby that participants can visit after an event.

“We just want the government to help us build up the image of Jakarta in the eyes of the international community,” added Andy.

Salman Dianda Anwar, chairman of Jakarta Tourism Forum, said: “There is currently a lack of collaboration between the government and industry, which is the bedrock of obstacles of Jakarta’s success. We urge industry stakeholders and the government to work together more closely to secure business in the coming years.”

The discussions were organised by the Jakarta Tourism Forum, and issues and recommendations will be brought to a coordination meeting with the Jakarta governor.

“The government is currently formulating what can be done to help the industry. One of them is by collaborating with industry to create events. We are also working to help the bidding process carried out by the organisers,” shared Harry Wibowo, head of destination & marketing division at Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office.

Iqbal Allan Abdullah, chairperson of Indonesia Conference and Convention Association, advised: “Before drawing up a plan, the government needs to think about what it wants to achieve, and not just what they want to do or create (momentarily).

“This is more important, because if you already know what the target and the goals you want to achieve, you can determine the steps to reach it.”

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