Coronavirus to have “small impact” on AIME

AIME is all set for the show next week; photo from last year's event

Organisers for AIME indicate they are looking forward to a successful show with robust registrations despite the drop in travel confidence due to the coronavirus.

The annual event in Melbourne for the Asia-Pacific’s meetings and event industry will kick off this coming Monday with an Australian government travel ban on all flights from China still in place and disruptions elsewhere. However, TTGmice has learned that travel restrictions have brought about a “small impact” on the show’s total numbers.

AIME is all set for the show next week; photo from last year’s event

“AIME is shaping up really well,” said Matt Pearce, CEO of Talk2 Media & Events, which took over the reins of AIME and launched a reboot last year.

“The one thing all events have to consider is the “what happens if” and AIME is no different. This year it is bushfires and coronavirus, hence we have had to keep our hosted buyer recruitment open longer, our diaries open longer and generally ensure our marketing of AIME is extended. We are working hard to ensure that our visitors and exhibitors have a successful show.”

Pearce admits this year’s AIME will have a different flavour however. “There may be some additional emphasis on dealing with the impacts of these natural disasters, but the fundamentals of AIME won’t change and in fact, will help our visitors find alternative locations and opportunities.”

TTGmice understands there are currently about 2,000 registrations with numbers still being added. Last year’s registrations recorded more than 2,500 attendees. AIME maintains its overall number of participants has increased over the last two years, but Pearce believes it “could have been even higher” if there was no coronavirus.

This year’s AIME will launch an Associations Round Table for industry members to discuss issues relevant to the sector. It will also see the continuation of the Knowledge Exchange Program, a full day of lectures and workshops relevant to the business events community.

“The tone of (AIME) won’t change,” said Pearce. “We are the first large-scale event of the year, so we know people are keen to get on with and drive their businesses. This is even more true this year,” he added.

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