Macau plots recovery measures for Covid-19


The number of reported cases of Covid-19 in Macau has stabilised, following measures taken by the Macao SAR Government and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) in response to the outbreak, according to a statement released by IPIM.

On January 5, the Macao SAR Government established a cross-departmental team to tackle the expected emergence of the coronavirus in Macau. On January 21, the government set up a coordination centre to fight the epidemic, which remains active to this day.

Macau has announced measures to support businesses and residents to tide over coronavirus impact

A number of measures have been taken to halt the spread of the virus, including stepping up health checks and border controls to stem cross border traffic to and from mainland China, suspension of non-emergency public services, managing distribution of facial masks to ensure citizens have access at cost price, closing of casinos for a 15-day period, and cancellation of all annual Lunar New Year celebrations to limit human-to human transmission of the disease in crowded areas.

The IPIM has also set up a 24-hour hotline ((853) 6210 6655) to provide instant inquiry services and assistance to the convention and exhibition industry, event organisers and MICE visitors.

Meanwhile, the Health Bureau of the Government of Macao SAR provides latest updates through the dedicated website against epidemics on the number of cases, latest news, prevention guidelines and related links.

While there are indications that these measures have curbed the spread of the virus in Macau with no new reported cases since February 4, measures are being taken to assess the impact and speed up recovery efforts.

In the interim, the Macao SAR Government has announced measures to support businesses and residents.

The programme covers five main areas, including reduction of taxes and fees to reduce the burden on businesses and residents, promotion of assistance and interest subsidies for small- and medium-sized enterprises in order to support their survival, by strengthening measures to support vulnerable families, improving training to secure employment, and issuing electronic consumer coupons to encourage and accelerate the economy.

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