Aventri’s new partnerships help ensure meeting continuity during outbreak

Aventri secures three partnerships geared towards offering virtual events

Event management software company Aventri has partnered with three companies – Digitell, Evia and Intrado Digital Media – to provide more virtual meeting and digital solutions to organisations impacted by Covid-19.

The goal of these partnerships is to provide the market with multiple solutions to continue to connect over shared interests, content and events, no matter where in the world their attendees they may be.

Aventri secures three partnerships geared towards offering virtual events

Digitell is a digital multimedia development company specialising in assisting organisations on how to leverage their educational content online, for instance, bringing a conference online through live streams or webinars.

Evia meanwhile, offers complete digital event and media distribution solutions to companies of all sizes. Its latest product, the Evia Player, is an intelligent cloud-based video player that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make content more accessible.

Lastly, Intrado Digital Media is a cloud-based, global technology partner, with a host of solutions to connect people and organisations.

“We know nothing beats the value of face-to-face meetings,” Jim Sharpe, CEO, Aventri, said in a statement. “Amid concerns of coronavirus, it’s important to realise that for thousands of live events across the globe, the show will go on.”

“Meetings and events are a strong, resilient, US$565-billion/year industry. Our thoughts go out to the families and all affected by this health emergency, but this shall pass. In the meantime, organisers don’t need to cancel meetings and conferences. Our new partnerships help them transition easily to engaging, revenue-producing virtual events.”

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