EzBizTrip joins travel management platform scene

modern and smart travel, expense and rewards application for business. EzBizTrip c

Launched last month, EzBizTrip is a new integrated travel management platform targeted at corporate customers from small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Apart from sending trip requests to their management teams, corporate travellers can create itineraries on EzBizTrip with a Smart Suggestion system. Underpinned by recommendation engines, the system provides travellers with personalised results that allow them to book swiftly and with certainty. They can also accurately record and submit all expenses on the go by snapping a photo of receipts and uploading them onto the platform. Furthermore, travellers can easily keep track of their expenses through automated expenditure reports and ensure they do not go beyond the budget.

EzBizTrip bills itself as a modern and smart travel, expense and rewards application for businesses

The business travel platform also rewards employees with products and services after redeeming points earned from cost savings when they use the programme. By encouraging smarter savings through rewards, companies can better manage budgets for corporate trips and overall financial spending.

“On average, business travellers spend at least 20 minutes trying to file and manage their expenses from a three-day work trip,” shared Takaya Tomose CEO of EzBizTrip, who has reached out to travellers from Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

He said that time could have been better spent on “doing actual work and being productive”.

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