Frasers Hospitality anticipates changes in guest expectations post-Covid-19

As China and the world looks towards recovery, a long-term change in consumers’ expectations of hospitality service is being anticipated, particularly in the long-stay segment.

Tonya Khong, Frasers Hospitality’s senior vice president, head of regional operations, shared: “We believe guest expectations of what they want from serviced apartments and correspondingly, their service standards, will also be raised.

“Being flexible will also be a gamechanger for the industry, as the pandemic has compelled all players to revisit the way they structure their cancellation and postponement policies. Moving forward, consumers and guests will expect brands to commit to a certain level of flexibility.”

Frasers Hospitality has adopted a global policy allowing unconditional cancellation and postponement of all reservations, as well as reduced its Fraser World’s membership criteria. The group will soon launch a global campaign “to give back to the community”, revealed Khong.

“We are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, especially in places like Australia, China, South Korea and some parts of Europe. We are preparing ourselves for the upturn and recovery phase and look forward to welcoming all guests with open arms again,” she said.

Chew Hang Song, country general manager China, Frasers Hospitality, shared how Frasers properties in the country is supoorting its residents and staff to help them tide through the pandemic.

“Our staff go the extra mile to support guest needs around the clock. For example, some families with children needed help with buying groceries to cook in the apartment, so our staff offered to make the trip so that parents could look after their children.”

There is also a calendar of activities, such as cooking challenges and fitness exercise videos online, as well as celebrates special events like Easter for younger guests to have fun indoors.

Chew added that the company has “started to see some green shoots of recovery that is slowly picking up in the domestic business travel market”, and has been in close contact with its corporate customers throughout the outbreak.

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